Rebekah Wilson-Lye

Rebekah Wilson-Lye

Rebekah Wilson-Lye was born and raised in New Zealand, before moving to Japan almost 10 years ago. Tokyo based, she works as a sake consultant and Tokyo food  & sake guide. She holds regular seminars to help promote regional sake. Rebekah is an Advanced Sake Professional, who was awarded her certification by John Gauntner (the world’s only non-Japanese Master of Sake Tasting) & the Sake Education Council. Rebekah was also an associate judge in the Sake Division of the 2015 International Wine Challenge, in London.


Ichi for the Michi (an oyaji corruption of “One” for the “Road”), was born out of a desire to document my sake fuelled adventures and diligent – if not a little reckless – pursuit of good food and sake across Tokyo’s sprawling metropolis. It is not meant to be a comprehensive food guide, but rather a taster, a teaser, of the dining experiences that await culinary-minded travellers.

But, what originally began as a folly has taken on a life of its own. These days, my time is devoted to being a Tokyo “food-fixer”, guide and travel concierge for visiting chefs, restauranteurs, journalists, designers and gastro-travellers. I also provide sake consultancy serves for businesses that are interested in sake for import/export purposes, or, for those who want to deepen their knowledge of this divine beverage, I facilitate kura visits, as well as kikizake (tasting) sessions at sake specialist izakaya.

To learn more about the bespoke services that Ichi for the Michi provides, please feel free to contact me directly.

If you want to up-to-date snippets of food and sake in Tokyo, follow me on twitter!


Rebekah Wilson-Lye





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