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Sake | 夏酒 A Splash of Summer Event @ Bar Zingaro

August might be the last of summer months, but mercury is still rising in Tokyo. It’s scorching hot!

There’s not better way to survive the heatwave than splashing into a chilled glass of this season’s natsuzake (summer sake). This refreshing summer sake is designed to beat the heat and revive natsubate ravaged constitutions. Its lively nature also makes it the perfect partner for enjoying at summer barbecues & festivals.

Come and cool down with Rebekah Wilson-Lye, a SEC certified Advanced Sake Professional, as she gives an introduction to sake’s seasonal styles, along with a guided tasting of natsuzake from 7 innovative breweries.

Aramasa 新政  – Akita 秋田県
Takachiyo たかちよ – Niigata 新潟県
Senkin 仙禽 – Tochigi 栃木県
Hanatomoe 花巴 – Nara 奈良県
Kawatsuru 川鶴 – Kagawa 香川県
Houken 宝剣 – Hiroshima 広島県
Taka 貴 – Yamaguchi 山口県

We look forward to seeing you at Bar Zingaro!

Please contact us with the following information to
-Number of participants
-Phone number

※Please note that the reservation will not be completed until you receive the confirmation e-mail from Bar Zingaro.
Do not hesitate in contacting us by phone if you have any question: 03-5942-8382

<Entrance fee>
JPY3,000 (to cover the sake tasting and a plate of cheese and bread) will be collected on the day of the event.

Special thanks to my sponsors for this event, Atilika Inc.

Special thanks to my sponsors for this event, Atilika Inc.



Bar Zingaroにて、日本酒ソムリエ(SEC certified Advanced Sake Professional) であるレベッカ・ウィルソンライと
新政 – 秋田県
たかちよ – 新潟県
仙禽 – 栃木県
花巴 – 奈良県
川鶴 – 香川県
宝剣 – 広島県
貴 – 山口県




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