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Sake Decoding the Grades

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The sake boom is here, and suddenly everyone has a developed thirst for this superlative brew.
But for newcomers, the dizzying array of labels on the market, and the baffling terminology mean that sake can be intimidating to approach.
One of the easiest ways to navigate the options is to become familiar with grades sake is divided into.

This month at Bar Zingaro we will decode the classifications of premium sake, the variances in their production, rice milling rates, fragrances and flavour profiles. Getting to grips with these basics will not only give you more confidence, it will take some of the guess-work out of ordering.

Come and indulge your inner sake geek with Rebekah Wilson-Lye, a SEC certified Advanced Sake Professional, as she gives an introduction to the sake grades, along with a guided tasting of sake from 7 innovative breweries.

For ongoing updates, join the event on Bar Zingaro’s event page.

Please email your name and phone number to the address below:
Entrance fee of JPY2,000 (to cover the sake tasting and a plate of cheese) will be collected on the day of the event.
Entrance fee of JPY1000 for international students.

We look forward to seeing you at the event!


今月は、Bar Zingaroでプレミアム酒の分類、生産地、精米率、香りと風味の特徴について解説します。

日本酒ソムリエ(SEC certified Advanced Sake Professional )レベッカ・ウィルソンライと、日本酒の夜を楽しみましょう。





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