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Shizuoka Sake & Tea Tasting Tour | Sunday, June 21st, 2015

The mercury is rising – time to get out of Tokyo! And I couldn’t think of a better destination that the prefecture where my sake journey first began – Shizuoka.


Join Japanese sake & food journalist Yohko Yamamoto and I for a delicious exploration of Shizuoka sake & tea. During this day trip, you will discover the unique flavour of Shizuoka; it’s bountiful produce, pure water and locally grown Homare-Fuji rice.

Our day trip will include visits to Yamanien, a 400 yr old green tea estate, Takashima Brewery , and the historic Numazu Club, where you’ll enjoy lunch & a private tasting of Hakuin Masamune sake with kuramoto/brewer Kazutaka Takashima. To better appreciate the region’s ‘Sense of Place’, the tasting will include sake from two other local sakagura who also brew with Homare-Fuji rice.

After the tour, you are invited to continue on with us for a meal & all-you-can-drink-sake service at Izakaya Ippo.  This lively local institution offers a comprehensive range of local Shizuoka sake to pair with their tasty dishes  – many of which highlight the fresh seafood which is landed at nearby Numazu Port.

Kazutaka Takashima

This day trip tour offers you a chance to get off the well beaten tourist track, and deep into the heartland of Japan. With the support of expert bilingual guides, you can immerse yourself in the culture, engage with local purveyors, and savour the delicious flavours of Shizuoka.

Sunday, June 21st. Click on the link for more☟☟☟


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