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Sake | 夏酒 A Splash of Summer Event @ Bar Zingaro

August might be the last of summer months, but mercury is still rising in Tokyo. It’s scorching hot!

There’s not better way to survive the heatwave than splashing into a chilled glass of this season’s natsuzake (summer sake). This refreshing summer sake is designed to beat the heat and revive natsubate ravaged constitutions. Its lively nature also makes it the perfect partner for enjoying at summer barbecues & festivals.

Come and cool down with Rebekah Wilson-Lye, a SEC certified Advanced Sake Professional, as she gives an introduction to sake’s seasonal styles, along with a guided tasting of natsuzake from 7 innovative breweries.

Aramasa 新政  – Akita 秋田県
Takachiyo たかちよ – Niigata 新潟県
Senkin 仙禽 – Tochigi 栃木県
Hanatomoe 花巴 – Nara 奈良県
Kawatsuru 川鶴 – Kagawa 香川県
Houken 宝剣 – Hiroshima 広島県
Taka 貴 – Yamaguchi 山口県

We look forward to seeing you at Bar Zingaro!

Please contact us with the following information to info@bar-zingaro.jp:
-Number of participants
-Phone number

※Please note that the reservation will not be completed until you receive the confirmation e-mail from Bar Zingaro.
Do not hesitate in contacting us by phone if you have any question: 03-5942-8382

<Entrance fee>
JPY3,000 (to cover the sake tasting and a plate of cheese and bread) will be collected on the day of the event.


Special thanks to my sponsors for this event, Atilika Inc.

Special thanks to my sponsors for this event, Atilika Inc.



Bar Zingaroにて、日本酒ソムリエ(SEC certified Advanced Sake Professional) であるレベッカ・ウィルソンライと
新政 – 秋田県
たかちよ – 新潟県
仙禽 – 栃木県
花巴 – 奈良県
川鶴 – 香川県
宝剣 – 広島県
貴 – 山口県





The Aromas of Sake | Sake Event @ Bar Zingaro

The Aroma of Sake

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Before even taking a sip, the aromas of sake which emanate from the cup give us our first sense of the flavour that awaits. And these aromas are as captivating as they are varied: fruit, spice, fresh herbs, caramel, cereal and even yoghurt are just some of the notes you may encounter.

But how can a beverage made from rice have such extraordinary range of fragrances?

The answer is in the kobo, or sake yeast. Learning a little about yeast can help you pick out the aromas and flavours in sake, and guide you towards discovering what types of sake best suit you.

Come and delight your senses with Rebekah Wilson-Lye, as she explores the aromas of sake through a guided tasting of beautifully crafted sake from seven innovative breweries.

<Reservations>  SOLD OUT
Please email your name and phone number to the address below:
Entrance fee of JPY2,000 (to cover the sake tasting and a plate of cheese and ham) will be collected on the day of the event.

We look forward to seeing you at Bar Zingaro!


Special thanks to my sponsors for this event, Atilika Inc.Atilika Inc

お酒のアロマは様々に変化するのは、フルーツやスパイス、新鮮なハーブ、キャラメル、シリアルやヨーグルトといった馴染みのある香りを含んでいる からです。


日本酒ソムリエ(SEC certified Advanced Sake Professional) であるレベッカ・ウィ ルソンライと一緒に、お酒の香りを楽しみましょう。




Fuglen Sake Flight: The Autumn Harvest

The harvest season is here, and what a bummer crop it is! Around the country we are enjoying the rich array of nature’s abundance; tables heave with with fresh produce, new season rice, ripe fruit, and some of the fattiest, tastiest fish of the year. Autumn is indeed shokuyoku no aki – the season of hearty appetites.

Autumn has also long been regarded as the prime season for drinking sake, and the reason is that as the temperature chills and the leaves turn golden, crimson colours, breweries around the country finally release their fully matured brews.

The fresh autumnal sake is known as hiyaoroshi, and sometimes, more poetically, as aki-agari – ‘the autumn yield’. And like the madness surrounding the release of Beaujolais Nouvelle, there is always a lot of eager anticipation for the arrival of hiyaoroshi, which is officially released on September 9th. Hiyaoroshi, refers to sake that has been pasteurised only once before it is stored & then matured throughout summer. It is prized for its harmony of lively nama freshness and ripe autumnal flavours… the perfect beverage for pairing with the season’s harvest fare.

This month at Fuglen we will be celebrating the bounty of the season with a tasting flight of three rich and settled autumnal brews: Yamawa Junmai-Ginjo Hiyaoroshi, Yamagata Masamune Junmai-Ginjo Aki-agari and Senkin Akatonbo Yamahai Kame no O Hiyaoroshi. Cheers!

Yamawa Junmai-Ginjo Hiyaoroshi

山和 純米吟醸 ひやおろし

Yamawa Hiyaoroshi

A refreshing and easy to drink sake with a mellow, savoury nose and a smooth, supple flavour that lingers in the finish. Its nicely pitched acidity make it an the ideal companion for comforting autumnal fare. Drink it straight from the fridge and then enjoy the subtle shifts in flavour and aroma as it warms to room temperature.

Yamawa Shuzo, Miyagi – 山和酒造、宮城県

Sake rice: Nagano Miyama Nishiki
Rice polishing rate: 50%
Nihonshudo: +2
Acidity: 1.7
Alcohol: 17-18%

原料米: 長野県産 美山錦
精米歩合: 50%
日本酒度: +2
酸度 1.7
アルコール度 17-18%

Yamagata Masamune Akiagari Junmai-Ginjo

山形正宗 秋あがり 純米吟醸

Yamagata Masamune Akiagari

A gentle, refreshing fragrance, with faint notes of ripe fruit. The aroma is beautifully complemented by the calm, sweet richness of the Yamada Nishiki rice, which swells and reverberates across your palate.  And the finish – ah! It ends with the clean, sword like cut which is so characteristic of  Yamagata Masamune’s style. Carefully matured at low temperatures, this sake has a wonderful harmony of freshness and soft, settled flavour. 

Mitobe Shuzo, Yamagata – 水戸部酒造、山形県

Sake rice: Banshu A-Grade Yamada Nishiki
Rice polishing rate: 55%
Yeast: Kumamoto Kobo (Also known as #9)
Nihonshudo: +2
Acidity: 1.55
Alcohol: 16%

原料米: 播州特A山田錦
精米歩合: 55%
酵母: 熊本酵母 (9号)
日本酒度: +2
酸度 1.55
アルコール度 16%

Senkin Yamahai* Kame no O Hiyaoroshi

仙禽 山廃 亀の尾 ひやおろし

Senkin Yamahai Hiyaoroshi

Enter the dragon(fly)! The Akatonbo Hiyaoroshi is the latest creation of  Senkin’s genius Usui brothers. And what a stunning debut it is. Comforting notes of vanilla custard, caramel & dried fruits emanate from the glass and infuse harmoniously with the rich & mature flavour.  The palate is juicy with Senkin’s trademark sweet-acidity, and while its got some impact from the alcohol, its a punch with a velvet glove. Warm and nostalgic, this sake evokes images of an autumnal crimson sunset.

*Yamahai-shikomi is a traditional brewing method in which the yeast starter is made in a way that allows wild yeast and bacteria to be present, for a time, in the fermenting mash. It often produces a gamier, rustic flavour.

Senkin Shuzo, Tochigi – 仙禽酒造、栃木県

Sake rice: Tochigi grown Premium Grade Kame no O
Rice polishing rate: 80%
Yeast: Private
Nihonshudo: Private
Acidity: Private
Alcohol: 17%

原料米: 栃木県さくら市産亀の尾特等米
精米歩合: 80%
酵母: 非公開
日本酒度: 非公開
酸度 非公開
アルコール度 17%


Sake: A Sense of Place | Bar Zingaro

ICHI FOR THE MICHI is pleased to announce that I will be holding a regular sake presentations at Bar Zingaro, in Nakano, from May 10th, 2014.

The evening will begin with a presentation of the theme Sake: A Sense of Place, followed by a guided tasting of sake from seven innovative breweries. We will also be serving a selection of cheeses and otsumami snacks for your enjoyment. Tickets cost ¥1,500, and includes all food & sake served during the event – bargain!

Due to limited space, reservations are essential. Bookings can be made directly with Bar Zingaro, or through their Facebook page.

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Sake A Sense of Place