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The Aroma of Sake

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Before even taking a sip, the aromas of sake which emanate from the cup give us our first sense of the flavour that awaits. And these aromas are as captivating as they are varied: fruit, spice, fresh herbs, caramel, cereal and even yoghurt are just some of the notes you may encounter.

But how can a beverage made from rice have such extraordinary range of fragrances?

The answer is in the kobo, or sake yeast. Learning a little about yeast can help you pick out the aromas and flavours in sake, and guide you towards discovering what types of sake best suit you.

Come and delight your senses with Rebekah Wilson-Lye, as she explores the aromas of sake through a guided tasting of beautifully crafted sake from seven innovative breweries.

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Please email your name and phone number to the address below:
Entrance fee of JPY2,000 (to cover the sake tasting and a plate of cheese and ham) will be collected on the day of the event.

We look forward to seeing you at Bar Zingaro!

Special thanks to my sponsors for this event, Atilika Inc.Atilika Inc

お酒のアロマは様々に変化するのは、フルーツやスパイス、新鮮なハーブ、キャラメル、シリアルやヨーグルトといった馴染みのある香りを含んでいる からです。


日本酒ソムリエ(SEC certified Advanced Sake Professional) であるレベッカ・ウィ ルソンライと一緒に、お酒の香りを楽しみましょう。




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